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The main types of printing and their sphere of using

Flexography, offset, silk screen, digital printing are the most common types of printing. In this article we will discuss the differences between them, define the advantages of each type and write their scope.


The materials used for printing

If you order labels it is important to determine the material that is best suited to your spheres of application. The main materials used for printing of self-adhesive labels are self-adhesive paper and foil (polypropylene). Rarely self-adhesive metal (aluminum foil of appropriate thickness with a sticky layer) is used.


Thermal label. What to choose ECO or TOP?

One of the first questions that arise if you need to buy thermal labels – is what material to choose ECO or TOP? Many Internet publications are devoted to materials for thermal print characteristics, but in practice today we still face with insufficient explanations. So in this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of thermal labels, consider the examples and usage of labels that will help you to make the right choice.


Proper label design is your direct way to success

The label helps to distinguish your product amongst others, emphasizes the status of the product, environmental friendliness, attracts attention, and promotes the brand. And every manufacturer understands the importance of a label or packaging design for promotion of their product on the market.


Thermal transfer labels. Their advantages and disadvantages. Types of ribbons.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to choose: thermal printing or thermal transfer printing? Which labels price will be lower – thermal labels or thermal transfer labels? Moreover, the very concept of thermal and thermal transfer labels is often confused. So in this article we will define differences of thermal and thermal transfer labels, consider the concept and types of painting tapes - ribbons required for thermal transfer printing and describe the main advantages and disadvantages of thermal transfer labels.